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PH-10 is a new generation phono stage and has all you need to have the best vinyl experience ever: 2 stereo RCA inputs completely independent, 6 EQ curves (RIAA, DECCA-LONDON e AMERICAN COLUMBIA plus enhanced), MM and MC settings, and a large display that shows all the settings in real-time. The PH-10 also features our SKC (Single Knob Control) technology, an elegant solution to simply browse and change settings instantly, even while listening to music. No more fiddling around with cables and switches, just pure audio pleasure.
Designed for the DS-10 Streaming DAC and the IS-1000 Streaming Integrated Amplifier, the app is easy to use and this video tutorial will help you to get started, stream music, access the device controls and manage playlists.
This is a new DS-10 DAC video that thoroughly presents the unit and explain its many great functionalities and connectivities given its incredible value. This video may help you to get a better understanding of this modern audio solution while enjoying your digital music collections.

The Gold Note DS-10 Digital-to-Analog Converter has a unique function where the listener can change the electrical profiles of the DAC chip in real time while listening according to the music playing, the stereo system in use and most importantly to one’s personal taste. Here is a quick tutorial on how to customize the presets. DS-10 will store the changes even when turned off.
As you already know, the Gold Note DS-10 Digital-to-Analog Converter is also a full-function UPnP and DLNA streamer able to browse Web Streaming Players and Digital Sources. High-quality streaming is possible with Tidal, Qobuz, MQA, vTuner, Deezer, Spotify, Airplay, Roon Ready.

The firmware version will appear on the display, if the version displayed is v.226 or lower you should execute the firmware update that was just released.

Firmware version v.227 includes:
• Complete storage of all parameters
• Correction of some minor bugs.

ATTENTION: this update will reset all previously saved parameters.

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