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CD-1000 MKII Deluxe

A state-of-the-art CD-player which integrates both a digital and an analogue stage in one elegant unit.

ds-10 plus

The most complete D/A Converter

The DS-10 PLUS is a new generation D/A Converter and UPnP-DLNA Streamer, created to revolutionize any audio system with its ability to browse web streaming players and digital sources.


DS-10 is a new generation DAC which integrates a Digital to Analog converter, a streamer, a headphone amplifier and a line preamplifier in one single box.



Stereo Power Amplifier
The new power amplifier with a great variety of functions for maximum versatility.

pa-1175 mkii

Power Amplifier
An innovative power amplifier with a selectable damping factor for easy matching with various types of loudspeakers.



A full-function Class-A audio preamplifier for real music lovers.


IS-1000 Line

Integrated Amplifier + Streamer
Imagine a complete High-End stereo system enclosed in a beautiful aluminum chassis carved in bold Italian style: this is IS-1000.

tube output stage

Class-A TUBE output stage

Thanks to the Gold Note modular design, the Gold Note 1000 series Hifi-Electronics can be given the quality sound of the valves with the Vacuum Tube Output Stages. Upgrade your Gold Note system and enhance its performance with the Vacuum Tube Output stages to combine the best of the two technologies, Solid State and Tube in perfect synergy. Thanks to new Line Input, the TUBE stages can now be matched with sources and preamplifiers from other manufacturers.


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