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Tuscany cartridges feature an extra-thin Micro Ridge diamond tip developed with Adamant-Namiki, the world most famous professional Diamond manufacturer: the special multi faced shape cut guarantees the best deep vinyl groove contact possible.


This high-class low-output MC cartridge has been recently re-designed and the mk2 version comes with even better output levels and impedance values. Housed in an elegantly shaped alloy body Machiavelli offers a perfect balance and great dynamics being the perfect host for your music collection.


To create Donatello we engineered the best sounding cartridge of its category in a machined Aluminium body so light that it can perform at its best on every tonearm: weighing only 7 grams and with a beautiful, perfectly damped body, this cartridge is an ideal companion for any tonearm and turntable matching.


Our entry level MM cartridge features an elliptical diamond tip on the Gold and a conical diamond tip on the Red model. It is made of quality materials and the ultra-rigid Aluminium cantilever makes Vasari a superb tracker able to extract all the information from the vinyl groove. Vasari is a first step for audiophiles looking for High-End sound and as such provides excellent performances in its category.
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