"We've been liberated from our wonderful Italian product line, and now our inventory is ready to break free. We need to make room in the warehouse for new products. Get ready for some fantastic deals that'll make you do a happy dance while listening to wonderful music!"

The real story - "Behold the saga: In a mere four years, we ascended to become the crowned sovereigns of Gold Note's clientele, only to be greeted with insatiable appetites for growth - a staggering 350%+ in 2023! Alas, their thirst knew no bounds, and thus, we were relieved of our duties. May our treasure trove of musical delights serve as a testament to the quality and value of these wares. Regrettably, our gracious hosts did not extend an invitation to perpetuate this union, and now, legal hounds are nipping at our heels for daring to showcase their wares on this humble site..."

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All-in-one IS-1000 Line

The integrated IS-1000 represents a new generation of amplifiers, a radical innovation that redefines the concept of the audio source completely. In fact, it represents the first true All-In-One unit designed to offer unparalleled audio performance as well as advanced features that are easy to control via the dedicated App.

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Experience the epitome of audio excellence with our premium range of speakers, turntables, and amplifiers, and a lot more. Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to elevate your audio setup to new heights. Shop now and save big!

hi-fi electronics


all in one

cd-1000 mkii deluxe

cd player




power amplifier


a6 evo ii


a3 evo ii

bookshelf speakers

xs 85


Since our exodus from the realm of Gold Note, regrettably, the gates to parts and service have been bolted shut. Fear not, for we have gleaned intelligence on the bastion of service that now stands in our stead. To beseech their aid, simply follow these coordinates:

for all service and warranty

gn service center

3611 Clearview Place
Doraville, Ga 30340
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