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Mediterraneo Review by Hifi News

Jonathan Gorse and Paul Miller
March 16, 2021
Think of Italy and one pictures a nation blessed with effortless style, eye-catching design and a strong sense of its own history

Mediterraneo Review by HiFi Choice

HiFi Choice
March 16, 2021
Effortlessly stylish, elegant in use, beautifully designed, a strong sense of its own history.

PA-10 Review by HiFi Pig

Stuart Smith
February 22, 2021
Gold Note’s PA-10 is a very capable performer across all the genres and styles of music I threw at it in its standard one box, stereo format.

DS-10 Review by ear Hi-Fi Music Gear

Chris Kelly
January 18, 2021
Aesthetics are of course a matter of personal taste, but I really like the look of these Series 10 Gold Note units. I would be disappointed if anything emanating from the Florence area was anything less than handsome.

Review: Gold Note DS-10 Headphone Amplifier and Network DAC

Rafe Arnott
December 21, 2020
The Gold Note DS-10 integrated headphone amp/preamp/DAC/streamer is the most fun I’ve had listening to headphones with a one-box solution under $5,000.

The Absolute Sound Buyers Guide 2021 Review

The Absolute Sound
December 16, 2020
The PH-10 phono stage and the IS-1000 streaming integrated amp have been chosen by TAS for the 2021 Buyer's Guide.
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