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Our top-of-the-range turntable hits the eye thanks to its strong Italian design inspired by the Tuscan territory. With its impeccable look it will immediately become the center of attention in your living room. Precious materials handcrafted by the most capable cabinetmakers, modeled with shapes that recall the Chianti hills and the Renaissance bridges over the Arno river in Florence created by masters like Michelangelo will take you to the most beautiful places in the world when you listen to your favorite music.
With B-7 Ceramic Arm


The Giglio turntable shows the beauty and technical perfection of a unique work of craftsmanship, taking advantage of innovations developed for the flagship Mediterraneo turntable. Carved into precious Italian walnut hardwood, the plinth is made of a triple-layer structure with polished acrylic and stainless steel – quality materials that skilfully combined together deliver exceptional qualities, like superior damping and stability. Giglio is available in Italian Walnut and Black and comes with three adjustable spike feet made of anodized aluminum.

With B-7 Ceramic Arm


The Pianosa follows in the footsteps of our flagship turntables, a creation inspired by the artistic tradition of the Florentine Renaissance joined by contemporary taste and technical innovation. Designed with the sonic philosophy experimented with our premium models, the Pianosa also takes advantage of the experience and knowledge we developed working on innovative shapes and high-quality materials. The result? A perfect blend of tradition and technology that delivers the best vinyl experience ever.

valore 425 plus

The Valore 425 Plus is the most complete and musically satisfying turntable of its category with unbeatable audio performance. This elegant and smart turntable has been developed for great musical pleasure and featuring technical solutions developed for our flagship series of turntables. The 12V synchronous motor is noiseless and extremely efficient to guarantee control over speed as well as ultra-low friction and no vibrations. The speed modes are electronically controlled and can be accurately fine-tuned making the Valore 425 Plus the ideal vinyl source of any High-End audio system.
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