Valore 425 Plus

A better performing model built with quality materials and components. It’s power supply is external with fine adjustments available. Also, the Valore 425 Plus has a heavier platter for stability.

price range:


Black Lacquer
Italian Walnut Veneer
Real Silver Leaf

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With a 30mm plinth wisely shaped to reduce vibrations, Valore 425 Plus guarantees audiophile sound in a smart and elegant solution. Despite its compact size, it features a standard 9” tone arms installation and comes in bundle with the B-5 Gold Note tone arm and our 4mm thick high mass hinged Dust Cover.


Valore 425 Plus is the most complete and musically satisfying turntable of its category with a 23mm thick platter in high dampening PTE, extra-long platter spindle, minimum platter/plinth distance and high-quality platter bearing – every single feature is in fact directly derived from our flagship series


The 60mm platter bearing and spindle, finely machined to achieve the best audio quality, comes directly from our top of the line turntables and so does the high dampening platter, designed to be as close as possible to the plinth with a gap of only 3mm to reduce turbulences the best. This turntable spins smoothly and silently with noiseless rotational stability.

Powered by our new proprietary design, the D/A Converter micro-controlled motor guarantees high precision speed and allows a perfect phase, controlling even the power in order to achieve high torque force at the start, and then smartly reducing the intensity once the speed is stabilized to minimize vibrations.

Two speeds – 33 and 45rpm – are electronically controlled and can be finely adjusted.

A new perfectly polished hourglass pulley allows the turntable’s belt to spin smoothly and reduces the wow&flutter and noise to the lowest levels.

Extremely reliable and easy to use, Valore 425 Plus can be set up in any High-End Audio system and will satisfy music enthusiasts looking for performances and efficiency in beautiful elegant shape and quality materials.

Valore 425 Plus is even available in Special Edition walnut real veneer and ultra-transparent acrylic, combining stunning look and even higher performances due to the better dampening effect.


Minimalist approach and attention to details are behind the modern beauty of Valore 425 Plus: its design is sober and yet stylish, with luxurious finishes.
Sophisticated craftsmanship is everywhere, even in the plinth, precisely shaped to enhance control.


The 12V synchronous motor is extremely efficient and noiseless, its high torque guarantees smooth and stable rotation stability. Speed fine adjustment allows the turntable to fit faultlessly in every audio system.


Compact plinth with high dampening factor and 9” standard tone-arms set-up to combine without problems your favorite audio equipment.
Valore 425 Plus can be stacked up on any rack due to its ideal dimensions.


Valore 425 Plus comes in bundle with a 9” tonearm directly derived from our acclaimed B-5.1 tonearm and is offered with a hinged Dust Cover included.


Transparent Acrylic
Italian Walnut
Lacquered | Black
975 Silver Foil

Opaline White or Black

Silver or Black

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Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 425mm W | 170mm H | 360mm D
Weight: 9kg
Wow & Flutter: 0,2%
Rumble: -75dB
Speed: 33-1/3 and 45 rpm +/-0,1%
Transmission: 70 shores rectified polyvinyl belt
Speed changing: electronic with fine pitch control
Motor: 12 Volt High Torque synchronous externally powered
Platter: 23mm in PTE
Platter spindle: special Split-Spindle™
Platter bearing: Chromed Steel 5mm ball bearing with adjustable brass seat, in aluminium case with two Graphite & Teflon elastic inner guide
Acrylic Dust Cover included
Mains supply: 100/115/230V, 50/60Hz
Power consumption: 20W max

Product Reviews

Turntable Of The Year

Valore is Italian for ‘value’ and ‘worth’ (as in both a financial and a moral sense) and the 425 Plus is the uppermost of the two models in Gold Note’s Valore range. The price of the Valore 425 Plus depends on finish, with black MDF and Italian walnut plinths, as well as the transparent acrylic one we received for test. All three are 30mm thick. The choice of plinth colour also dictates the colour of the three feet and the 23mm thick platter itself: transparent lands you a clear acrylic platter and brushed aluminium feet (as tested), while the other finishes come with a matt black acrylic platter and all have a felt slipmat.

Just as the deck is perfectly pitched in terms of cartridge matching for the money, it’s also extremely well-matched in terms of the kind of system this turntable is likely to partner. In our test, we found that the Valore 425 Plus “is not one of those turntables that goes after stentorian bass and the sort of dynamic range you could use to disrupt SONAR. Instead, it’s a tidy, ordered, detailed, and – above all – quicksilver performer that acts from the midrange on out.” We concluded that “if your tastes run from World Music to Wagner, the Gold Note Valore 425 Plus is an excellent and inherently honest performer that doesn‘t impose itself on the sound of LP.”

Reproduced from Hi-Fi+ Issue 178

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