Class A Tube Output Unit – featuring multiple inductive power supply stages with 12 or 6 valve output stages.


TUBE-1012 & TUBE-1006 are the best way to improve the Gold Note electronics even further to reach a whole new level of performance through the Class A 12 or 6 valve output stages.

Our sources and amplifications are solid state designs. They are capable of great control and definition providing outstanding realism in recreating the musical event. But if you prefer the sound of the tubes and want to bring your system to its very top performance, the TUBE-1012 & TUBE-1006 is the way to go.

Connect them to your Gold Note electronics and listen – you’ll hear Solid State and Tubes playing in perfect synergy to deliver the best performance, wonderfully natural and musical, for a truly High-End listening experience.

Our proprietary Totem-Pole Output Stage design, with six independent audio stages per single tube, guarantees ultra-wide bandwidth response and ultra-low distortion to deliver the purest audio signal ever.

TUBE-1012 & TUBE-1006 easy to connect, easy to use.

Thanks to new audio inputs on the rear panel our valve output stages can be connected with up to two sources at the same time using the TUBE INPUT for the Gold Note sources and the LINE INPUT for other manufacturers. The input can be easily selected from the front panel for maximum convenience and ease of use.

Technical Specifications

TUBE-1006/1012 Totem-Pole Output Stage design
MAX INPUT 8Vrms linear
MAX OUTPUT 20Vrms @ XLR & 10Vrms @ RCA
TUBES TUBE-1012: 6n1p x 12
TUBE-1006: 6n1p x 6
TRANSFORMERS No coupling transformers on the IN/OUT
GAIN +3,5 dB
TUBE-1006: 50W
POWER SUPPLY 100-120V / 220-240V, 50/60Hz
TUBE-1006: Gold Note custom made transformer
TUBE-1012: Super Linear Vacuum Tube Regulator with 4 Inductive Choke filters
DIMENSIONS 430mm W 135mm H 370mm D
WEIGHT TUBE-1012: 35lbs net – 46lbs boxed
TUBE-1006: 29lbs net – 42lbs boxed
FINISHES Brushed Aluminum Black, Silver or Gold

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