This full range, 3 way floor-standing speaker with anti-turbulence rear bass reflex is sonically exceptional with an iconic curved design making it our speaker flagship model. Providing state-of-the-art performances combined with high-quality components and beautifully shaped cabinets inspired by the Tuscan heritage, this High-End loudspeaker will give life-long musical pleasure at the top level. XS-85 will be the eye-catcher in your listening room thanks to the excellent finishes typical of Italian craftsmanship available in classic Walnut Hardwood or Black Glossy Lacquer.

The XS-85 is a full range, 3 way floor- standing speaker with a rear double bass reflex. Sonically exceptional like only the best, it is entirely shaped according to the iconic catenary curve Gold Note design. This superior speaker provides state-of-the- art performances guaranteed by high- quality components combined with the beautifully shaped cabinets exalted by the Tuscan heritage. This High-End loudspeaker will give unbeatable life-long musical pleasure.

The XS-85’s breathtaking panel finishing introduces an original and innovative design by materialising our catenary
curve concept. Inspired by Renaissance genius Michelangelo Buonarroti and realised trough the extraordinary Italian craftsmanship skills, it enables the absence of parallelism to enhance structural rigidity to its highest level.

Elegant and unique, the XS-85 reproduce the most sophisticated details of music, giving access to an incredible musical experience. Extremely versatile, the XS- 85 take care of any music genre in an impressive realistic way as never heard before.

First class listening is guaranteed by the selection of high-performance component drivers made by SEAS featuring ultra light treated paper cones. A magnificent handmade 1” innovative no-ferrofluid dampened tweeter design allows a crystal clear playback with the widest extension on the market.

The XS-85’s full body, realistic and natural sound obtained by its outstanding dynamic, zero-distortion, crisp details, superb resolution and impressive power makes it the ultimate musical loudspeakers for the absolute pinnacle of listening experience.

Technical Specifications

NOMINAL IMPEDANCE 4Ω semi-resistive
TWEETER 1“ silk dome driver
MIDRANGE 2 x 6“ Nextel treated paper cones
WOOFER 2 x 9“ Nextel Sub-woofer in treated paper
CROSSOVER 200Hz and 2200Hz @ 12dB/Oct.
CONNECTORS Gold Note Rhodium binding posts
DIMENSIONS 357mm W 1280mm H 665mm D
WEIGHT 396 lbs pair net
440 lbs pair boxed
FINISHES Cabinet: Black
Side Panels: Ultra Glossy Italian Walnut or Glossy Gran Piano Black

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