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The GALILEO Rack design combines several different details come from the best Gold Note turntables, the Bellagio Conquest and the Mediterraneo, offering both a great dampening effect and a beautiful unique Italian design, that reminds the “Monumental Staircase of the Biblioteca (Library) Vasariana” in Florence made by Michelangelo Buonarroti as well as the Michelangelo Monumental Tombs of Lorenzo Dei Medici.

The soft curved and the rounded design of Galileo Rack shelf angles and edges combining a great look with a superb dampening extra efficient effect due to its anti-seismic design of the shelf made of a triple layer massive Italian Walnut wood interfaced with stainless steel 3mm layer keep together by 16 stainless bolts for a total 45mm thick weighing 25 kilos module.

The Galileo shelf dimension is 700x650mm allowing handling 100 kilos units each can virtually handle any kind of audio gear deserves the best audio quality performance.

The Galileo is a fully modular design Audio Rack allows building any custom design system starting from a single shelf rack able even to build multiple horizontal tables.

*Pricing is per shelf including the spacers in low, medium or high lengths.

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