The Gold Note System Review

There has always been a reluctance on the part of your average audio enthusiast to source their entire system from a single manufacturer.

DS-10 Evo Review

Have you tapped into your inner musicologist and entered the world of high-quality streaming yet?

The New DS-10 Plus

Gold Note has announced the launch of the All-in-One DS-10 in its PLUS version. The existing DS-10 CLASSIC Streaming DAC/headphone amplifier remains a core part of the Gold Note line-up and is joined – rather than superseded – by the DS-10 PLUS.

IS-1000 Deluxe Review

Certain types are entirely and unarguably positive. The nation of Italy has more than its fair share of stereotypes attached and to a lesser and greater extent they suggest the same thing..

Valore 425 Plus Turntable of the Year

Just as the deck is perfectly pitched in terms of cartridge matching for the money, it’s also extremely well-matched in terms of the kind of system this turntable is likely to partner.

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