FIRMWARE downloads

Firmware updates enhance the operational features and functionality of a product. It also provides service fixes for various issues that may have developed over time. Gold Note regularly provides firmware updates for its electronic unit to maintain their optimum performance.

ds-10 & ds-10 plus

Before updating the unit please verify your DS-10 actually needs it. With the AC Power Cord removed, push and hold the front panel SKC rotary switch knob, then connect the AC Power Cord to turn the unit ON. The display will show the installed firmware version. If it’s not the latest firmware or the display does not show the firmware version, the unit should be updated.

New ( Ver. 1.82)




If you are using Windows, please download and install the dedicated driver to use the DS-10 with your PC.

PH-1000 & PH-1000 line

New ( Ver. 1.37)


Previous version


New ( Ver. 1.53)


Note: If your PH-10 has a serial number <56802, the first firmware update has to be performed by your GN dealer.

IS-1000 & IS-1000 LINE

version 230(231 for is-1000 line)


This update will reset all previously saved parameters.
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