Bellagio Conquest

A massive floorstanding structure of 100 kilos with a 270 mm platter spindle and fully adjustable high torque dc motor.

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    Conquest is the only turntable to feature thirteen different curved plinths achieving maximum stiffness and indeformability and allowing the best resonance feedback control: plinths are interfaced with titanium spacers of different thickness joined togheter with custom machined solid blocks of aluminium and extra-large feet.

    The 270 mm spindle is the longest spindle made for a turntable, ever!
    Made of the hardest carbon steel, hardened with boiling oil process, rectified and polished to guarantee the best working fluidity.
    Polished bronze is used for the bearing, engineered to get a 1/100 millimeter matching tolerance with the spindle: the amazing length of the system is capable of the smoothest platter rotation available and forces distribution control along the spindle’s axis to deliver fantastic audio performances.

    Conquest Series is the only family of high-end turntables coming with remote to let you always be in control of all functions: ON/OFF, speed change, speed control and power control.

    To power our best turntable we chose our best technology, a PWM generator – Pulse Width Modulation: PWM power drive generates AC-DC-AC enabling the best coupling of the two AC semi-wave annulling motor resistance and vibrations and still maintaining the highest torque. The new anti-resonating dampened hourglass shaped motor pulley stops transmission vibrations; it’s precisely machined and polished to achieve perfectly smooth surfaces and guarantee low rotational noise and great durability.

    Conquest Series is the only family of high-end turntables to feature a unique “Power Control System”: controlling the motor’s torque is to control your music by finely adjusting the turntable’s “character”. Selecting lower torque is indicated when playing ancient or chamber string music, where details strongly matter; while the maximum torque should be used for rock or symphonic music to enabling maximum dynamic. The Power Control System is conveniently performed by remote control to let you choose the best sound directly from your listening point.

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