Gold Note DS-10 D/A processor

My head began to spin, my stomach churned, and my mouth grew very dry as I read that Gold Note’s DS-10 ($2995) was a “chameleon DAC” with 192 setup options that enable it to “completely blend in with different music genres, giving the listener the opportunity to adapt the behavior of the unit to the music playing, to one’s stereo system and, most of all, to the listener’s taste.”

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The New DS-10 Plus

Gold Note has announced the launch of the All-in-One DS-10 in its PLUS version. The existing DS-10 CLASSIC Streaming DAC/headphone amplifier remains a core part of the Gold Note line-up and is joined – rather than superseded – by the DS-10 PLUS.

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Review of Valore 425 Plus

“Valore, this stands for value and at the same time as a synonym for what the Italian high-end hi-fi manufacturer Gold Note wants to offer with its Gold Note Valore 425 Plus drive of the same name: lasting values, based on the experience gained from reference models, technical precision in manufacturing and, last but not least, elegant design.

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PH-10 and PSU-10 Review

A trend I’ve noticed over the last few years is that a number of audio companies are producing a range of audio products intended for younger customers.

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