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DS-10 Review by ear Hi-Fi Music Gear

Chris Kelly
January 18, 2021
Aesthetics are of course a matter of personal taste, but I really like the look of these Series 10 Gold Note units. I would be disappointed if anything emanating from the Florence area was anything less than handsome.

Review: Gold Note DS-10 Headphone Amplifier and Network DAC

Rafe Arnott
December 21, 2020
The Gold Note DS-10 integrated headphone amp/preamp/DAC/streamer is the most fun I’ve had listening to headphones with a one-box solution under $5,000.

The Absolute Sound Buyers Guide 2021 Review

The Absolute Sound
December 16, 2020
The PH-10 phono stage and the IS-1000 streaming integrated amp have been chosen by TAS for the 2021 Buyer's Guide.

DS-10 Streaming DAC Preamp and PA-10 Power Aplifiers

Alan Sircom
November 17, 2020
E.F. Schumacher’s famous 1973 book ‘Small is Beautiful’ never seemed to have resonance in the world of high-end audio.

Gold Note PH-10 Phonostage Review

Stephen Scharf
November 11, 2020
Part of Gold Note's 10-series entry-level line, the PH-10 is an innovative solid-state phonostage with interesting feature set and an impressive number of functions.

Gold Note Donatello Gold Moving Coil Phono Cartridge

Greg Simmons
October 5, 2020
My general impression of their equipment – to varying degrees, partially based on the price of each product – is that their gear is capable of offering lots of hi-fi goodies like fine detail retrieval, soundstage depth, and good extension top and bottom..

Gold Note IS-1000 Streaming Integrated Amplifier

Neil Gader
September 1, 2020
Visually, the IS-1000 is elegant with a formidable aluminum faceplate and an array of vents overflowing the top and down the side panels like a waterfall. The “tank” design of the chassis increases mass and rigidity to enhance mechanical stability and damping.

Brawn and brains: Gold Note’s PA-10 power amplifier

Phil Wright
August 14, 2020
Its strengths are revealed through extended listening, most notably an ability to provide copious amounts of detail whilst maintaining just the right degree of soul.

Gold Note DS-10 D/A processor

Jason Victor Serinus
August 7, 2020
My head began to spin, my stomach churned, and my mouth grew very dry as I read that Gold Note's DS-10 ($2995) was a "chameleon DAC" with 192 setup options that enable it to "completely blend in with different music genres, giving the listener the opportunity to adapt the behavior of the unit to the music playing, to one's stereo system and, most of all, to the listener's taste."

Gold Note DS-10 Streaming DAC with “il suono italiano”, the Italian Sound

Bevan Court
July 17, 2020
This is a really wonderful piece of equipment, one that I will be sorry to see go as it gets packed up for its journey back to the distributor in Colorado.
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