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The Gold Note System Review

Chris Thomas
February 13, 2023
There has always been a reluctance on the part of your average audio enthusiast to source their entire system from a single manufacturer.

DS-10 Evo Review

Chris Thomas
November 7, 2022
Have you tapped into your inner musicologist and entered the world of high-quality streaming yet?

IS-1000 Australian Hi-Fi Review

Australian Hi-Fi
October 3, 2022
"Despite its limitless capabilities, the IS-1000 is not only super-easy to operate, it's a real joy to use. It's also a joy to listen to. Its sounds clean and powerful when playing any music, no matter from where it's sourced: hard-wired to the rear panel, via a local network or streamed from the internet."

PH-1000 HiFi Pig Review

Stuart Smith
May 3, 2022
Fabulously engaging and detailed sounding phono stage that really lets your chosen cartridges sing

PH-1000 Review 2022

Michael Fremer
February 19, 2022
Gold Note's $11,999 PH-1000 is by a considerable margin the most sophisticated, most configurable phono preamplifier that any audio manufacturer has ever produced, at least that I know of. Remarkably, considering all that flexibility and sophistication, using and adjusting the PH-1000 is straightforward.

Gold Note Mediterraneo Turntable HiFi Pig Review

Stuart Smith
November 3, 2021
Aesthetically the turntable is an absolute stunner and oozes (sorry) Italian style. The wave of the lower walnut plinth looks wonderful on the rack and is offset by that highly polished acrylic top.

Gold Note DS-10 Plus Streaming DAC/Preamplifier

Steve Stone
September 29, 2021
How do you discuss the sound of a DAC when, in theory, there are 192 different ways it can sound? Perhaps “flexible” would be the best one-word description.

Giglio Review by Home Cinema Magazine

Home Cinema Magazine
July 3, 2021
Has an enormously dynamic style of play that is more reminiscent of a direct drive or friction wheel than a belt-driven drive. Despite its extraordinary coarse dynamic capabilities, it also leaves a lot of space for fine dynamic resolution – that’s not always the case.

Gold Note PH-1000 Phono Stage

Jason Kennedy
June 1, 2021
The sound it produces is very handed and refined, the quality of electronics is clearly in the premium league..

DS-10 Plus and PSU-10 Evo Review

Sandu Vitalie
May 25, 2021
It got a fantastic set of features, great connectivity, an amazing design, a high-quality build and it is hard finding faults when you’re full of goose bumps all over your body.
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