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Available only as part of our limited edition turntable series, the massive floor standing structure of the Bellagio Conquest weighs 100 kg and features a 270mm platter spindle and a fully adjustable high-torque DC motor. 1,25cm high, this unique turntable is capable of the smoothest platter rotation available and forces distribution control along the spindle’s axis to deliver fantastic audio performances. Bellagio Conquest is a real statement vinyl source made for the most demanding vinyl lovers and will be the highlight of any first-class High-End analogue system.

Reference combines elegant Italian statement design with exceptional sonic High-End audio performance: the black lacquered curved plinths house a high-quality platter bearing in carbon steel which permits the perfect working fluidity for the turntable.

Bellagio Conquest


special order item

A massive floorstanding structure of 100 kilos with a 270 mm platter spindle and fully adjustable high torque dc motor.

Bellagio Reference


special order item

The Bellagio turntable series is available as a limited edition and Reference derives directly from the flagship model Conquest featuring five plinths and a more compact shape.
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