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Gold Note PH-10 Phonostage Review

Part of Gold Note’s 10-series entry-level line, the PH-10 is an innovative solid-state phonostage with interesting feature set and an impressive number of functions.

Gold Note IS-1000 Streaming Integrated Amplifier

Visually, the IS-1000 is elegant with a formidable aluminum faceplate and an array of vents overflowing the top and down the side panels like a waterfall. The “tank” design of the chassis increases mass and rigidity to enhance mechanical stability and damping.

PH-10 and PSU-10 Review

A trend I’ve noticed over the last few years is that a number of audio companies are producing a range of audio products intended for younger customers.

IS-1000 Review

If by chance, audio enthusiasts required further evidence of the generational shift that has fundamentally transformed the integrated amplifier segment, they need to look no further than the Gold Note IS-1000.

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